Auto Accident FAQs

When you're involved in a serious car accident, you need to find a personal injury lawyer who can help you receive full compensation entitled to you under the law.

Will I have to go through a jury trial if I hire an attorney?
If the case proceeds to trial, while jurors are not permitted to be notified of the presence of the insurance company, to acquire a recoverable award, an insurance company is needed in most cases where the defendant is unable to pay what they have been ordered to. For instance, unless the defendant is a multi-millionaire, the defendant could simply file bankruptcy on the award and discharge the debt.

In most cases, however, an opposing party's insurance company represents their interest and is responsible to pay any money awarded. These insurance companies are typically risk averse, and will settle before trial, if possible. For this reason, jury trials are rare due to the time and expense required.

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What should I do if I am involved in an auto accident?
Immediately after an auto accident, make sure to call police. Then, exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, driver's license numbers, and other information of anyone involved in the car crash. It would also be helpful to get the information of any potential witnesses to the accident.

When trading information with the other driver(s) it's important your rights aren't sacrificed. Avoid admitting fault or proceeding to try to settle the case individually. The best advice is to collect the necessary information and contact a legal representative.

Here are some other tips to consider after an auto accident:

  • Remain Calm - Turn off the ignition to your vehicle and turn on your hazard lights.
  • Get Help - If anyone is injured, call emergency services immediately. If someone is injured, do not attempt to move them unless it is a life threatening situation.
  • Warn Others - Warn approaching motorists of the accident if it's occurred in a place that is hard to spot for oncoming motorists.
  • Call the Police - After securing the scene, making sure everyone is okay, and emergency help has been called for, call the local police.
  • Gather Information on other Driver(s) - Exchange the information talked about above.
  • See Your Doctor - If you have any injuries, be sure to see a doctor right away so that he can document them.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company - You also need to let your insurance company know that you've been in an accident.
  • Contact an Accident Attorney - Contact B. Joseph Davis or another personal injury attorney if you have any injuries. At the law offices of B. Joseph Davis, you can receive a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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What are my legal rights in an auto accident?
Before giving any information to an insurance adjuster, it's best to contact a lawyer to help inform you of exactly what your rights are after an auto-accident. At the law offices of B. Joseph Davis, you can get a free initial consultation to discuss your auto accident case.

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What is an auto accident settlement?
A settlement is an agreement for money, the amount of which is determined by the extent of damages and injuries resulting from the accident.

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Is a lawyer necessary for all auto accidents?
This depends. For most small "fender benders," acquiring the assistance of a lawyer isn't necessary. However, regardless of the amount of property damage, it is wise to talk to a lawyer about your rights.

It is often times the case that there isn't an extreme amount of property damage even though the occupant(s) experience extreme amounts of trauma.

While certain insurance companies may try to pressure you into quickly taking a settlement, it is important to not feel pressured. If you have any questions, feel free to contact B. Joseph Davis for a free initial consultation.

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What about insurance adjusters?
The most important thing to remember about an adjuster is that their first and foremost duty is to the insurance company. They may look for ways not to pay you or attempt to get you to quickly "settle" for a small amount. Don't take any chances. Contact the Law Offices of B. Joseph Davis for a free initial consultation before signing anything.

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What if the accident was caused by intentional wrongdoing?
If someone intentionally crashed their vehicle into your property or vehicle, they may be liable for punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish the person who intentionally caused you harm. If someone has intentionally wrecked their vehicle into your house, garage or vehicle, contact B. Joseph Davis for a free initial consultation to see if punitive damages are applicable in your situation.

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What if the accident was my fault?
Don't automatically assume the accident is entirely your fault. Other circumstances (someone swerving or stopping suddenly, a pedestrian wandering into the road, etc.) may have had something to do with the accident. Your lawyer can help you determine if you are at fault for an accident. Your lawyer can also stand by you to make sure your insurance company covers you fairly. Protect your rights and assets even if you think it may be your fault by contacting personal injury lawyer B. Joseph Davis.

For more information on an auto accident, contact the law offices of B. Joseph Davis for a free initial consultation.